Jawbreaker Frontman: “Doing a Huge Tour Would be Kind of Distasteful”

04/02/2010 5:32 PM |


I mentioned Jawbreaker in a post from earlier today, about Black Tambourine’s admirable reticence to reunite for fear that they’d ruin the delicate relationship people have with their music, and now I come across this interview in Rolling Stone where Jawbreaker frontman Blake Schwarzenbach says pretty much the exact same thing:

You guys lovingly curate the legacy of the band. Is there a feeling that a reunion would sour that legacy?

Schwarzenbach: I could see us spontaneously playing a party, but doing a huge tour would be kind of distasteful and it would do a disservice to the mystery of the band that’s some how persisted.

This pleases me to no end. Now, after the jump, we’re going to listen to the studio version of “Down,” from the band’s recently reissued debut full-length, Unfun. Then we’re going to watch a live version of the same song, because the fake ending at 2:50 is awesome.

And if you think this is annoying, just wait until they reissue 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, when I’ll likely just cry into my keyboard all day long.