Join Us at Literary Upstart Tonight Or We Will Be Sad

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04/19/2010 10:37 AM |


Six years ago, because we were lonely and wanted someone to talk about books and stuff with, we at The L started our Literary Upstart: The Search for Pocket Fiction competition, bribing writers with the promise of publication so they’d submit stories, and bribing fans of literature with cheap booze, so they would come to our readings and be our friends. (This is also how the Paris Review was founded, more or less.)

So tonight, join us at the Slipper Room on the LES, for the first reading in this year’s Literary Upstart competition (brought to you by the fine folks at the New School and Harper Perennial). The doors open at 7, and the five featured will writers will read their stories aloud to our distinguished panel of judges (headed by Distinguished Spokesjudge Ben Greenman) soon thereafter, once you’re all settled in with your $1 bottles of Dogfish Head.

New York City Literary Trivia, giveaways, and the feared, witty feedback of our judging panel to follow, along with many more dollar beers. Join us at Literary Upstart tonight, or we will be sad.