Look At These Photos of Every Single Person Who Sat Across from Marina Abramovic at MoMA

04/23/2010 12:39 PM |

MoMA visitors with Marina Abramovic

MoMA hired photographer Marco Anelli to get a shot of every single Modern visitor who sits down opposite Marina Abramovic in her endurance test performance piece “The Artist Is Present” (which you can also stream live), and the resulting Flickr photo album is a real webpage-turner. Each photo includes the date and the number of minutes the person lasted, which only increases the voyeuristic delight of it all.

It’s partly a Facebook-type record of random people who are very intimately connected by a specific place and event, but also kind of like those pictures you can buy of yourself screaming on the rollercoaster, except the rollercoaster is performance art. Check out some of our favorites after the jump.

MoMA visitors with Marina Abramovic

Top left: Is that David Blaine? We heard he was there during the preview, and he would totally bawl like that. David Blaine is one of our favorite performance artists.
Top center: Jesus visited, but he wore sunglasses so that nobody would recognize him.
Top right: Don’t roll your eyes at Marina Abramovic! Didn’t you see what she did to David Blaine?! And your puny mind is nothing compared to his.
Bottom left: Boy’s inner monologue: “You’re a girl, just like my sister; I hate you and love you at the same time. Should I cry or scowl? I’ll do both.”
Bottom center: Girl’s inner monologue: “You bitch, you made my little brother cry!”
Bottom right: Just kidding, that’s a sculpture from the Tim Burton exhibition. (Gotcha! That’s a real person. Cool hat though.)

(ArtNet; Photos by Marco Anelli. copyright 2010 Marina Abramovic)

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