Maya Lin’s Video Art Series on Mass Extinction, What Is Missing?, Screening for Times Square Masses

04/19/2010 11:40 AM |

Maya Lin What is Missing?

The art organization Creative Time, which programs the 44 1/2 video art series on the MTV screen in Times Square, started showing four episodes from Maya Lin‘s What Is Missing? project last week. Lin, who designed the Vietnam Memorial when she was 21 and still an undergrad student at Yale, considers the project her last memorial, a global, multi-media and site-specific series of works memorializing the species being lost in our current sixth mass extinction. The video exhibition runs through April 30, with special expanded programing on Earth Day (April 22). If you’d rather not venture into Times Square for proof that our world is doomed, you can watch all the What Is Missing? videos—which are as beautiful as and a bit more forceful than the BBC Planet Earth series—online (and the trailer after the jump).