M.I.A. Announces Tracklist for New Album, Which She Would Like You to Help Her Name

04/27/2010 8:44 AM |


At some point either right before or during her pointless, infuriating takeover of PItchfork’s Twitter account yesterday (about which there has been lots of discussion), M.I.A. announced the tracklist for her new album, in the form of a twitpic of an iTunes playlist. The 10-song album, which is due out on June 29th, has a run-time of 30:59. It remains unnamed, but in the caps-lock caption beneath the twitpic, M.I.A. says she’s “open to suggestions.” Tracklist after the jump.

1. “The Message”
2. “Born Free”
3. “Meds And Feds”
4. “Lovealot”
5. “Tequilla”
6. “It Is What It Is”
7. “XXXO”
8. “Tel Me Why”
9. “Story Told”
10. “Space”

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