Hear the New Band of Horses Single, “Compliments”

04/01/2010 5:02 PM |

A subtle change in direction here: “Compliments” is the first single from Infinite Arms, the much anticipated third full-length from Band of Horses (due out on May 18th), and it delivers on the Southern Rock promise hinted at on so much of the band’s earlier material, though admittedly at the expense of the lush, atmospheric qualities that got them where they are—which is pretty much fine with me, especially now that I can listen to “Swim” whenever I want.

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  • Wait– is this Christian Rock? Whaaa. I didn’t know they were a Christian band? WTF.

  • I dont know if I beat the system or something, but iLike is letting me listen to The Funeral on repeat. PRAYERS ANSWERED.

  • Are you a moron? Mentioning or questioning the existence of God in a lyric does not make a band Christian. I have actually heard Ben Bridwell very explicitly criticize religion.

  • @jzebgray I criticize religion and I’m a Christian. Christianity is not a religion it’s a relationship with a loving God. Most people who treat their Christianity as a religion are very hypocritical and haven’t gotten the right message from The Bible. Look at Westboro Baptist church, they’re all a bunch of hypocrites and they treat Christianity less as a relationship and more as a religion.