New Yoko Ono Book is Also a Kite

04/23/2010 12:07 PM |


With the help of Thurston Moore and his Ecstatic Peace Library publishing company, Yoko Ono is set to release Fly Me, a limited edition book that doubles as a kite. Yep, a kite. According to her website:

Published as a limited edition, FLY ME is a handbound book that unfolds to become a kite, featuring seven pages of individual messages or instructions composed by Ono. These messages are designed to be read by all, in the sky on a windy day.

You simply unfold the page you wish to fly and attach the paper to the bamboo frame included to construct a massive (30 × 36 inch) diamond-shaped kite.

Including such characteristic Ono advice as “Imagine Peace” and “Fly,” these messages are printed with soy-based inks on 100% recycled paper. The kite frame itself is made of hand-carved oak from a sustainable fores in New York state.

Only 2500 copies are being made, and they’re selling for $100 each. Steep, yes, but a small price to pay for a reminder that there is still at least one person in the world who’s bold and uncynical enough to pull something like this. Roll your eyes, but only if you are a jerk. [TwentyFourBit]