People 65 and Older Make the World a Worse Place

04/20/2010 3:33 PM |

Happy 4/20

  • Happy 4/20

If smoking marijuana were ever a subversive act, surely that’s no longer the case: in honor of “Stoner Day,” nee Hitler’s Birthday, the New York Daily News has posted plenty of Marijuana-related content, including but not limited to a slideshow about stoner comedies! Hyuk hyuk.

They also have some majorly buzz-killing news.

According to a new AP-CNBC poll, 55 percent of Americans oppose the legalization of marijuana. When asked why, many noted it was “the easiest way to keep black people in jail”.

Just kidding, I made that up.

Breaking it down by age is revealing: 73 percent of respondents 65-and-older oppose legalization, while 54 percent of the under 30 crowd support it. Hey, did you know that if people 65 and older made laws, that no state would allow same sex marriage? But that if people under 30 did, 38 states would allow it?

Or, put another way, old people make the world a worse place by forcing us to live under their bigotry, prejudice and ignorance. Don’t trust anyone over 30!

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  • Gee, it’s sad all those old people are messing up OUR world that we made with no help from them.

  • People 65 and older are also the most likely not to support healthcare reform. They also all have health insurance. “I hope I live forever so I can stop gays from being citizens and keep my grandkids from having health insurance.” Oh, gee, thanks!!

  • gee, it’s sad that we’re having to spend so much time and energy trying to undo the messes that the over-65 set have left us with, while they squeeze the last drops out of medicare, fight health-care reform, refuse any tax reform, and deny same-sex couples their rights (and, of course, keep us from legally getting high to take the edge off of the whole mess).

    life is going to be totally different (less prosperous, less healthy, schools and government underfunded and inadequate, environment destroyed) for those of us that follow the boomers/oldsters, because they’ve made one heck of a mess, one they have no desire to try and fix before they shuffle off of this mortal coil.

    just keep those social security checks coming, and keep your paws off their retirement accounts.

    it’s too bad we don’t live in a world ‘made with no help from them’- we might have lot more left to work with.

  • Just as we are unable to vote before the age of 18 – due unofficially to the fact that young kids are stupid or something, or maybe just haven’t developed a world view broad enough to make informed decisions – this great country should also not allow people to vote after 65 for sort of the same reason. The 65 year old world view has ceased again to be broad and instead has entered into the just before death tunnel vision of finding religion (if not already found), hoarding money, envying youth, hating everyone that isn’t them and being just generally grumpy. Much like a teenager is so malleable that we cannot trust them to think for themselves or vote (this, debatable), a 65 year old is so entrenched in their views from decades of being beaten down by the weight of the world, that we should no longer be able to trust the way they think either (this, not so much).

    A 65 year old’s decision to vote against gay marriage doesn’t represent a rational examination of the facts and anecdotes at hand… it represents a viewpoint that was formed 30 years ago by some some suburban pulpit monger when the ignorance of the general public was even worse than it is now. And they don’t trust any of this new-fangled, logical, common sense dialoguing stuff about equal rights and shit so, remember this: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  • 14 or fight, everybody, 14 or fight!
    youth is America’s secret weapon
    it’s wild in the streets