Self-Proclaimed Twitter Grammar Cops As Hateful As They Sound

04/28/2010 4:26 PM |

Actually, it’s hard to figure out who to hate most in this NY Times piece about Twitter pedants who obsess over grammar in tweets: the writer (for giving them more attention), the people who actually tweet in all caps, the celebrities who tweet self-serving banalities, or the pedants themselves… Ok, yeah, I’ll go with the pedants.

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  • Unfortunately, most people who read the article decided all those featured were “pedants who obsess over grammar in tweets,” because that’s the slant the author chose. And, they did so without ever clicking through to the blogs to see whether there was any truth to it. It’s way more interesting and inflammatory to write something that will raise peoples’ ire, than to talk about the real intent of each, which is fun. My blog,, has never criticized anyone for a grammar error, and it’s not mean-spirited, hateful, or anything else that was suggested in the article. It’s a (hopefully) light-hearted, humorous look at twitter and the people who use it, which is why its tagline is: “sharing the good, and exposing the best of the worst on twitter.” If you want to hate me, please make an informed opinion by reading a post or two first. I’ll happily welcome your critique in the comments.

  • Nice taste. I am a certified school teacher. People who know this are often uncomfortable socially–perhaps they are afraid that I will correct their grammar, or that I am mentally correcting it as they speak. Not so. I do not correct grammar for nothing if I can help it. The same NYTimes article led me to one of these grammar tweeters. Some of the ‘corrections’ that he or she was tweeting were incorrect. Outrageous! The tweeter was also culling private conversations to use as examples. Outrageous. There are a lot of people out there who could use some grammar help–but this isn’t it.