Shakira Meets with Phoenix Officials to Discuss Arizona’s Immigration Law

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04/29/2010 1:19 PM |


Shakira is in Phoenix, Arizona today, where she’ll meet with the city’s mayor and chief of police, “to learn more about how the law will be implemented if it goes into effect this summer,” the Associated Press reports, citing “Trevor Nielson, her political and philanthropic adviser.”

I, too, would like my political and philanthropic adviser to get me a one-on-one with the Phoenix chief of police and mayor, giving me an opportunity to voice my concerns about the potential racial profiling implications of Arizona’s terrible new immigration law. (I would also like to get a job as Shakira’s “political and philanthropic adviser.”) Arizona governor Jan Brewer could sadly not meet with the diminutive “Underneath Your Clothes” songstress, as she was, sadly, “booked.”

The Colombian-born singer has in recent years been a more vocal advocate for social causes worldwide. She recently protested America’s practice of detaining illegal immigrants, by dancing in a cage in the “She Wolf” video.