So, About Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight” Video

04/30/2010 9:55 AM |

You know, I actually really admire Christina Aguilera for straying from recent trends and not even bothering to attempt incorporating anything resembling a storyline into the S&M-themed video for her new single, “Not Myself Tonight.” But if there’s one thing to complain about, aside from it being an obvious Gaga ripoff, of course, it’s the clumsy, tasteless product placement (2:16-2:23) of Christina’s own brand of perfume, which she applies just moments before sexing up some dude. (Also possibly worth complaining about is the part, during said sexing up of dude, at 2:49 when dude is on all fours and she’s riding him like a horse. Do people do that? Why would people do that?)