So Long and Thanks for All the Dissent, Daniel Goldstein

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04/21/2010 5:31 PM |

The L Magazine’s Guide to Future Richness:

1. At the turn of the century, be quite wealthy. Buy Pacific Street condominium for 590K.
2. Oops, the state wants to condemn your property so they can hand it over to a real estate developer as part of a taxpayer-sodomizing sweetheart deal for an infrastructure-crushing mega-project. Fight that shit with endless lawsuits and community activism.
3. Be, at long last, after several years and many bitter, galvanizing court fights, evicted. Rather than take a payment determined by the state, reach an agreement to sell your condo for $3 million, a condition of which is that you step down as head of your organization.

We don’t begrudge you a penny, Mr. Goldstein; we’re just sorry it came to this.