St. Vincent’s Hospital Closing, Famous Poets to Be Born and Die Elsewhere

04/07/2010 10:59 AM |

st. vincents

Legendary Greenwich Village hospital St. Vincent’s—birthplace of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay (for whom the hospital is named) and deathplace of drunk Welsh poet Dylan Thomas—is effectively closing its doors. Despite various efforts to keep the place solvent, St. Vincent’s is terminating all in-patients in-patient care and downscaling to an outpatient clinic; there is a possibility they’ll maintain some kind of urgent care capability.

The 160-year-old St. Vincent’s was the last fully operating Roman Catholic general hospital in New York, and as of now has 400 in-patient beds in need of a home; elective surgeries are set to end on April 14th. My favorite line from the Times article: “In recent years, [St. Vincent’s] management troubles were worsened by the difficult economics of the health care industry.” Hoorary for free-market health care!

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  • Edna is named for the hospital, not the other way around.

  • @finky
    Sorry, that was meant to be a joke… just me dreaming of a society in which major urban hospitals would be named after hard-living poets…

  • This is the first step for those money hungry MBA inspired Roman Catholic priests and its hand chosen board of directors to sell a prime piece of real estate (the Roman Catholic Church SUX). Sorry the Roman Catholic Church is such a well operated business.