State Senator Marty Golden’s Nephew Arrested in Bay Ridge Bar Fight

04/13/2010 12:59 PM |

A real glimpse inside Kettle, from Coors Lights Flickr stream

  • A real glimpse inside “Kettle,” from Coors Light’s Flickr stream

Five people were arrested for a fight on Saturday night that erupted in Bay Ridge’s Kettle Black, a bar/pub/local punch line (with which, Facebook informs me, I have 14 friends in common), including Danny Golden, the nephew of local state senator/horrible human being Marty Golden.
The five fought an off-duty cop, a firefighter and a Port Authority Officer. Each side claims the other “started it”; the arrested say they were defending themselves and were chased down the street by the Action Figure Three even after leaving the bar. Police (of course?) are pushing the—wait for it—police officer’s version. He had had a bottle smashed over his head; the firefighter lost a pint of blood after his arm was slashed with a knife.

According to Gothamist:

The fight started around 3 a.m. at The Kettle Black when the NYPD officer got into an argument with a group of five men, who then jumped him and smashed a bottle over his head. “I saw one man grab a bottle and started yelling, ‘Come on, come on, asshole’ and stabbed the other guy with the bottle,” one man told the Daily News. “It looked like a war broke out right on the streets of Bay Ridge.”

Yawn. Just another Saturday night on Third Avenue, where alcoholism is the norm. Legend has it that the block holds the Guiness record for most bars (per capita?)! Erin Go Barf.

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  • That place is just one of those Bay Ridge bars I have always been mildly afraid to step into. Apparently with good reason.