Still More Shepard Fairey Murals Spotted in Soho and Williamsburg

04/28/2010 3:33 PM |

Shepard Fairey Music Hall of Williamsburg

So, apparently, Shepard Fairey never sleeps, because since finishing his mural at Bowery and Houston last week he’s been busy, busy, busy: yesterday we learned of mural projects in the Bronx, and at the Ace and Cooper Square Hotels, and today Animal reports that the Shep has put up more work in Soho and Williamsburg (and an OBEY pop-up shop on the LES). First, over the weekend he postered the upstairs bar at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (pictured), with many of the same black, white and red posters used in his other recent mural projects.

More interesting, though, is the OBEY mural that has appeared right across the street from Deitch Projects at Grand and Wooster—the gallery where his exhibition that all this is hyping will open on Saturday—an homage to a classic Martha Cooper photograph with the armed kids’ guns sprouting flowers. At this rate we should have at least twenty more Fairey murals/billboards by opening day of his big sale exhibition at Deitch.

(photo by Gregg Greenwood)