Street Art Star Swoon To Headline Inaugural Exhibition in Williamsburg’s East River Park

04/14/2010 4:57 PM |


Beginning next month the Williamsburg-based public art group Urban Art Projects will be presenting the inaugural exhibition in the ‘hood’s biggest waterfront park, East River State Park (at Kent and North 8th), featuring new works by 8 local artists and street art superstar Swoon, on view from May 8 to June 7 (pending final State approval). Kathy Bruce, Ursula Clark, Rob De Oude, Sarah Fonzi, Yasmin Gur, Nathan Slate Joseph, Howard Kalish, and Scott Piscatelli will all exhibit sculptures created specifically for the outdoor show, and Swoon will unveil a domed sculptural prototype for a building project in Haiti. What will that look like?

Well, in light of the spectacular results that came out of Swoon’s last project on the East River, we can probably expect something spectacular. Back in September 2008, Swoon captained a fleet of seven rag-tag ships loaded up with artists, friends and musicians down the East River to the Deitch Studios waterfront warehouse in Long Island City. The project, Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, remains her most ambitious… until now? While we wait to see what she has in mind for artful emergency housing in Haiti, here’s some beautiful video of what her floating festival looked like:

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