The Cooking Channel: “Cool Young People Like The Beastie Boys, Right?”

04/27/2010 5:18 PM |

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Oh god, you know what’s going to be fucking awful? Watching the people behind The Food Network’s new venture, The Cooking Channel, try to appeal to its “younger, hipper, edgier!” target audience. The subject of a recent Times profile, the channel is set to launch on May 31st, with super young, hip and edgy sounding shows like Food Jammers and Indian Food Made Easy, but in the meantime, they’ve taken to their Facebook page to give us an idea what we can expect. Take Chuck, for instance, who has another super young, hip and edgy sounding show called “Chuck’s Day Off.” Chuck is “covered in food tatts,” you see, and “his kitchen playlists run from GN’R to Beastie Boys and Zeppelin”—three musical acts that are obviously very popular with young, hip, edgy people. As you’ll see in the video above, he also dances around his kitchen, juggles tomatoes (peppers?) and does that thing that all young, hip, edgy people do, where they kiss their fingers, then flash a peace sign.