Twenty-Four Minutes of Dennis Hopper Talking

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04/07/2010 12:25 PM |

If you’re a regular reader of this site and a fan of Matt Zoller Seitz’s video essays—or, indeed, if this is your first time using a computer and you’re curious about what’s out here, on the Inter Net—then you should navigate, by compass or starlight, over to Moving Image Source, for MZS’s tribute to Dennis Hopper, in the man’s own words. (A favored tactic.) It is, appropriately, an epic, career-spanning monologue in montage, encompassing dialogue in film and TV roles (including his work as a director), and, in an impressive feat of archive-dredging, talk show appearances, spoken-word performances, even ads. (But not Night Tide! Still…) Take a long lunch.

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  • No Andy Warhol screen test? Loved it, except for the ending, the Tarantino abomination, but then I’m a Tarantino hater, so…