Two-Month Old Tumblr, “Hipster Puppies,” Gets a Book Deal, Me to Kill Self

04/08/2010 10:29 AM |

dog typing

  • The author, hard at work on his novel about the nausee of dog existence.

There isn’t a whole lot I can really add to that headline without putting my fist through my computer (and then on through my stack of books, and then through Mike’s computer). I have nothing against the Hipster Puppies tumblr (in fact, I liked it enough to bring it to your attention around the time it debuted… two months ago). I guess I just thought I’d already come to terms with how ridiculous the world of publishing is, and then this came along to remind me that no, I have not yet come to terms with how ridiculous the world of publishing is…

So, based on what I have learned, I think I have a pretty good idea…

Dear World of Publishing,
I have a great idea for a book: I will print out each page of my novel in a large format, pose each page with an adorable puppy wearing glasses (or a hat, or a cape), take 256 photographs, and then you can publish it as a book of puppy photos. And that will be my novel, published.
Thank you. Please email me.
Jonny Diamond, aka “PuppyScribe76”


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  • The weirdest thing about the Hipster Puppies book is that Chris Weingarten is behind it, hyping it on his twitter, and yet keeping mum about his great Public Enemy 33 1/3 that came out this week (which is written, with words, like a real book).

  • Except it’s not a novel, it’s a coffee table book. Totally different animal. Also, this is happening all over the place nowadays. “Stuff White People Like” also got a book deal, and now everyone’s following suit. These things sell well. What the public wants, the public gets.

  • @cali-snowboarder
    I know it’s not a novel, hence the joke that the only way to get a novel published is to have it masquerade as a coffee-table book.