Update 2: Shepard Fairey’s Bowery Mural Finished!

04/21/2010 10:41 AM |

Shepard Fairey Bowery Mural

Here’s a fresh look from early this morning at that mural Shepard Fairey put up at Bowery and Houston yesterday afternoon. It’s a little… underwhelming, right? Note the allusion to May Day, which is both the name of his upcoming show, the last to be held at Deitch Projects, and the day that it will open. And then, maybe, can we get the much better Os Gemeos mural back? (WoosterCollective)

Update 2.1: The crew from ANIMAL talked to Fairey on location late last night. Check out the video after the jump.

Fairey to you: Get off your ass and make more Princess Bride references!

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