Watch Hole Perform “Skinny Little Bitch” on Letterman

04/28/2010 9:18 AM |

Since you obviously have no intention of going to see Hole in concert, but you still kind of want to see how Courtney Love acts on stage—specifically if she does that actually very cool thing she used to do where she’d put her foot up on one of her monitors—I thought you might want to see this video of the band performing the dreadful “Skinny Little Bitch” on Letterman last night. Let me warn you, though: it ain’t pretty. Courtney looks remarkably stiff and nervous, which is especially problematic because she’s delivering these ridiculous lines that are supposed to sound super badass. It is inconceivable, basically, that this person would kick anyone’s “scrawny ass” (even her own, “at her most frail and chemically dependent”), and not because she’s a grown-ass woman who has no business saying shit like that ever, but because she doesn’t seem to have the temperament for it. It’s a shame, too: that temperament is sort of all she ever had going for her. Now all she’s got is a backing band that looks like a bunch of randomly chosen Sam Ash employees. And she didn’t even do the foot-on-monitor thing.