Watch These Portland Hipsters Line Up To Be Shot With a Cupcake Cannon

04/30/2010 10:51 AM |

Cupcake Cannon

So Johnny Cupcakes is an LA-based cupcake bakery with a very indie aesthetic and such a devout following among hipster-ish types, especially on the West Coast, that they are currently on tour. During a recent stop in Portland at Kamp Grizzly, local engineer Tyler B. Robinson—whose day job is as a Saturday morning cartoon villain—designed a steampunk cupcake canon (of course!) with which to shoot goggled visitors for a slow-motion camera. The resulting footage (embedded after the jump), even taken in context, is completely, bizarrely spectacular and delicious. It’s like watching Jackson Pollock make a drip painting, except the painter is a canon, the paint is cupcakes and the canvas is people. Very similar, really. (RxFresh)