You Should Dress Like: Gordon

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04/29/2010 4:00 AM |



What’s your favorite era to emulate?

I’m really enjoying skinny ties and early jazz fashion. I like playing around with the timeless preppy look and try to juxtapose preppy with my hipper sensibilities.

You collaborated with Apliiq. How was that?

Much like my music, the line and collaboration with Apliiq is all about hybridity. The forms of the clothing are totally recognizable, but the fabric used evokes thought. It’s difficult to place in the realm of contemporary fashion. It’s a fabric that tells multiple stories at once, all while maintaining a pretty simple form. This is also the intention of my music and my personal style; to create a tension between the normal and abnormal, the recognizable and the abstract.

Salvation army or goodwill?

Salvation army.

Which one?

I really like the one between Gates and Lexington. It’s massive. They have a lot of suit jackets and incredible woman’s shirts.

What’s your favorite piece?

A stylist/fashion friend of mine let me borrow a Chanel jacket a while ago, I think its somehow symbolizes what I’m trying to do. Although Chanel represents high fashion, the jacket itself is a Chinatown knock off. It’s a women’s jacket but has shoulder pads so it makes me look wider, with a more manly stance. So I guess that kinda says it all: highbrow with lowbrow, high fashion with hip hop.

Check out more of Gordon’s preppy hip-hop style below