Dr. Dre’s Perpetually Delayed Detox as Dr. Seuss-y Rhyme

05/06/2010 12:22 PM |

What are you doing, Scuba Dre?! You're supposed to be working on Detox!

  • What are you doing, Scuba Dre?! You’re supposed to be working on Detox!

The story of Detox, Dr. Dre’s mostly hype-based, thus far non-musical follow-up to the party anthem compilation 2001 (1999), started back in 2002 when it was a “concept album” about a killer for hire going on vigilante justice “detox” missions to clean up the city. When recording supposedly actually started in 2004, Dre quickly put the project on hold to focus on producing other folks like Eminem, 50 Cent and Game.

Things got pretty quiet for a little while, Dre hawked headphones. Then a few weeks ago some of the most “convincing” hype-building in the Detox saga came with the announcement of a supposedly imminent release Jay-Z assisted lead single and a firm date in late 2010 for the album. We’re still waiting on all of that, but presumably Dre had to put the project on hold again to focus on getting fit to play his younger self in the NWA biopic. The folks at hip-hop video blog ItsTheReal just gave Dre’s perpetual-postponement antics a hilarious, Seussian video treatment, embedded after the jump.