Enron (the Play) Going the Way of Enron (the Company), Closing Sunday

05/05/2010 9:37 AM |

Enron musical

Enron opened on Broadway last week and, much like the titular Houston energy company whose collapse it portrays in very stylized, musical form, it’s folding in record time: the show closes on Sunday. The London transfer opened at the Broadhurst just in time for Tony eligibility, and despite 4 nominations (stage and lighting design, score and featured actor, Stephen Kunken), the Lucy Prebble satire got shut out of the Best Play category (a rather scathing Times review probably didn’t help either). And for better or worse, expecting Broadway audiences to pay upwards of $65 for a flashy economics lesson seems like the sort of magical thinking that caused the original Enron’s collapse. (ArtsBeat)