Frightened Rabbit Play “Nothing Like You” on Fallon

05/26/2010 3:23 PM |

I’ve always thought of Frightened Rabbit as the Scottish version of Kings of Leon, meaning I always sense a certain off-putting self-assuredness in them—like if they do wind up playing arenas, they’ll think, “Well, duh, of course,” rather than “Holy shit, this is crazy!” It’s a gut thing, and I could easily convinced otherwise. In fact, their performance of “Nothing Like You” on Fallon last night may have done just that. As Ms. Suarez over at Stereogum pointed out, they tweeted about how nervous they were, which is sweet, and also it’s a really good song that’s reminding me how awesome The Long Winters were. So, hmm. Frightened Rabbit, eh? I think I like them now.