Go to Northside, Win an iPad. Not an iPod, an iPad.

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05/28/2010 5:35 PM |

You there, in the subway, playing Halo on your iPad and acting like you don’t care that we’re all looking at you, no, we’re not talking to you. We just need you to get the attention of the sad individual next to you who desperately looks like he could use some new music on his iPod mini. What are you listening to there, buddy? Limp Bizkit?

Northside will help get you up to speed on the best of-the-moment music, and to help get you in the mood, we’re giving away some cool shit. You, yes you, can win a VIP All-Access badge for free entry to every single show at the festival (and access to the booze-tastic Heineken lounge). And one granddaddy prize winner will receive a free iPad 3G along with it… so you can trade in the iPod shuffle you’re wearing around your neck and proudly blast the hell out of Titus Andronicus on your iPad. But only if you let us watch you play with it in the subway. Click here, fill out the form, and you’re entered to win. Randomly selected lucky ducks will be notified via e-mail the week of the festival. Here’s a breakdown of the glory:

1 Grand Prize Winner

*iPad 3G
*VIP All-Access badges for you and a friend
*Free t-shirt, hells yeah

2 Runner-Up Winners

*VIP All-Access badges for you and a friend
*T-shirts for you and a friend

5 3rd Place Winners
*Regular festival badge