Julie Taymor States the Obvious: Her Spider-Man Musical Needs to Sell Out Every Night Forever to Make its Money Back

05/19/2010 2:49 PM |

Spider-Man Musical

The trainwreck badly in need of a superheroic rescue that is the “upcoming” Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has been springing to life lately, and now has a tentative preview date, a new baddie and an ultimatum from director Julie Taymor. After losing its villain (Alan Cumming) and romantic interest (Evan Rachel Wood) over the last few months and being generally on very shaky grounds with apparently endless postponements and financing troubles, the show now has a possible date for previews to begin at an undisclosed theater in October, with opening day sometime in November, and Patrick Page (who wore green before in another botched Broadway musical, How the Grinch Stole Christmas) taking over the part of the Green Goblin. At yesterday’s New Dramatists luncheon, where she was receiving a lifetime achievement award, Taymor took a moment to address all the show’s haters and ill-wishers.

She told ArtsBeat:

No. 1, all of the money that goes into this show will employ a lot of artists, actors, technician, designers, make-up people, dancers; No. 2, the audience won’t get rooked, so they shouldn’t be complaining, because they’ll be paying about the same as they would for a two-character, one-set production; and No. 3, it’s Spider-Man! Would you want to create a show with modest expectations?

To be honest, at this point I just hope her show keeps running into trouble so that I will have an excuse to post more hilarious pictures of people in Spider-Man costumes. Like this one:

Spider-Man Musical