Law and Order: Special Indecision Unit (Just Cancel the Damn Thing Already)

05/14/2010 8:23 AM |

law and order

  • God bless you, Jerry

It looked yesterday like the endless, formulaic glory Law and Order would finally come to an end after 20 years, as NBC seemed to tell staffers the show was, uh, DOA. But now—duh’n duh’n—it looks like the network is back in negotiations with Dick “Mr. Brinksmanship” Wolf. C’mon, just save the show… It employs, by some estimations, 8,000 New Yorkers.

By the way, the aforementioned “duh’n duh’n” was an attempt to transliterate the interstitial noise between scenes. A quick google reveals “doink doink,” “chung chung,” and “bok bok,” are just some of the attempts, all of which seem retarded to me. How would you spell it out?