MTA Evicting Downtown Experimental Performance Space 3LD

05/17/2010 10:25 AM |


Financial District art, theater and performance venue 3LD Art + Technology Center, which relocated to its spectacular ground floor parking garage space at 80 Greenwich Street after its previous space at 30 West Broadway (the Deutsche Bank building) was destroyed on 9/11, owes the MTA over 300,000 in back rent, and is expected to begin eviction proceedings this morning. According to the Wall Street Journal, 3LD claims that the roughly 14 months of back rent are a result of having to pay out of pocket for repairs to their facility (for which they signed a 20-year lease in 2002) that they should not have had to cover like asbestos removal and a new sprinkler system.

The MTA says that doesn’t amount to so much money, and this feud doesn’t sound like it’s getting settled without lawyers and, sadly, serving of said eviction notice. As one of the most adventurous and ambitious performance venues in the city, 3LD always makes the most of its expansive, unconventional and high-tech space, and it’s unclear how they would recover and where they would go if this eviction takes place. The group’s executive artistic director Kevin Cunningham is hopeful despite it all, telling the WSJ: “The company survived 9/11, so we’ll find a way to continue on in some form.” (Curbed)