Northside Just Got Even Better

05/21/2010 2:15 PM |


First came Titus Andronicus, Polvo and Liars, then Memory Tapes, Woods, Fucked Up and the whole big bunch. Now we have word that Male Bonding will be bringing their Sup Pop-approved slop-rock from Dalston, wherever that is. England, I’m pretty sure &#8212 which is where Slow Club will be coming from to play their too-adorable-for-words pop songs. I like to imagine the two bands sitting on the plane together, chatting over tea and biscuits about how excited they are to catch Fucked Up during the fest. Enchanting dance duo The Golden Filter are in for the weekend too, not to mention Class Actress, Violens, the Babies, Hooray for Earth, Keepaway, Lissy Trullie, Air Waves, Dinosaur Feathers, La Strada, Blood Warrior, PC Worship, World Atlas and Dark Dark Dark. It’s too much. And there’s more, which, frankly, makes my head hurt. You’ll want to head over to to check out the rest.