Should Pot Be Legalized?

05/12/2010 2:40 AM |

Yeah, it should probably be legalized. At least if what we’ve learned from Weeds is true.

Where she presides:Lincoln Street Tavern, Prospect Park
Favorite drink:Scotch
Absolutely, and not just for medicinal purposes. In a worrisome world, pot is the least of our worries. Alcohol scares me much more. No one kills for pot. And as someone who has been a stoner since she was 15, I can tell you I never had an ounce of hate in me while high, just energy. The whole world should legalize it. If it was legit in New York, I’d probably pay about $5 per joint, unless it was really primo shit, in which case I’d pay about $20 per.

Where she presides:Union Bar, Union Square
Favorite drink:Rum and diet Coke
No. That would take all the fun out of it. Just kidding, I’m from California and support what they’re doing [toward legalization]. I would support a bill like that here, but New York isn’t all that strict about it. I once saw a guy smoking a roach go ask a police officer for directions. And it wasn’t that he was so baked he didn’t realize what he was doing, he just knew the cop wouldn’t give a shit.

Where she presides:PJ Leahy’s, Long Island City
Favorite drink:Margarita
Definitely. What other responses are you getting? [Reporter: They are decidedly pro-pot.] Understandable. What about the rest of you? [Regular 1: We need to legalize it and make money off it. Then the government can stop sticking its fist in my ass with taxes. Regular 2: Yeah, and stop wasting time and money prosecuting all the people who use it.] It’s agreed then. We’ll all be high as kites.

Where she presides: L’Express, Gramercy
Favorite drink: Tequila
Well, it doesn’t bother me that it’s illegal, I’m sure there are reasons for that. Though, it wouldn’t bother me if it were legal. Like in California. For medical reasons. It seems then that it should be legal.

Where she presides: Chabon, LES
Favorite drink: Champagne
It would be fine with me if it were legal. I’m European. It would be like Amsterdam. I could work in a hookah bar. Ha. That would be fun.

Where she presides: View, Midtown
Favorite drink: St. Germain
I’m sure there are arguments on both sides, but it seems like drugs should be illegal. I mean, they’re not really good for you, unless you’re sick, obviously. But people are going to self-medicate regardless. You smell weed on the street all the time, and there aren’t any recorded fatalities because of it, so sure, I guess legalize it. Prohibition obviously didn’t work out.