South Williamsburg Community Groups Want to Build Park Over BQE

05/27/2010 1:34 PM |

BQE platform for park

According to the Brooklyn Paper, two South Williamsburg community groups, St. Nicks Alliance and El Puente, are sponsoring a $100,000 feasibility study for the construction of a platform over the BQE trench between South 3rd and South 5th Streets that would create space for a public park. The link would connect Rodney Street on the east side of the highway to Marcy Avenue on the west, and more than double the size of nearby Rodney Park, which includes tennis and basketball courts, between South 4th and Broadway. Of course, where exactly the city will get the money to do this is unclear—to give you an idea, a much more ambitious plan to build a platform over the West Side Rail Yards in Manhattan, for instance, will cost over $1 billion—but the area could definitely do with more green space. Somebody should keep track of all the money the city ends up spending to undo the mess it helped Robert Moses make. (Streetsblog)