Thank Goodness for Incompetent Terrorists

05/03/2010 11:13 AM |

So, Saturday night was kind of intense, no? Ok, so I wasn’t actually in Times Square for the whole “hey, terrorists are blowing up bombs” evacuation (I was sipping beer in a garden), but I can imagine the compressed panic of a dense Saturday night crowd on the first hot night of the year, and it ain’t pretty. I mean, just take a look at the surveillance still below, from hours before the scare, and add terror.

times square terrorist

Now, as details trickle out, I’m kind of conflicted on how to see this.

On one hand, we see further evidence of a pattern whereby the only “terrorists” stupid enough to follow through on their stupid, empty convictions are also too stupid to pull anything off. To wit, some moron hauling 200 pounds of non-explosives grade fertilizer into his truck because he heard somewhere that “manure blows up good.” On the other hand, we have a harrowing situation in which an apparent moron came very close to detonating a fireball in the middle of one of America’s prime terrorist targets. So I’m not sure how I feel about that, either.

And now we wait to see if this was domestic or “international” terrorism. By which I mean, a white American dude or a brown American dude (Fox will tell us which!). Some are speculating that since the van was parked out front of Viacom, this was a direct attack on the town of South Park, which hates Muslims. We shall see.