The Beets’ “Artist in Residence” Gets His Own Gallery Exhibit

05/24/2010 5:02 PM |


June 24th is going to be mega-busy, so get ready. Not only does it mark the first day of the Northside Festival, something that you’ll surely want to check out unless you have no love for the arts, people or Brooklyn, but Matthew Volz celebrates the opening of his debut gallery exhibition at the Rare Gallery in Chelsea, making his blog-style drawings the work of a fancy legit artist. Best known as the “official muse to The Beets,” he’s the guy behind the always humorous cartoon drawings gracing their albums, posters and t-shirts. Because you can never have too much indie-cred, Cassie Ramone, she of the Vivian Girls/The Babies, will also be displaying her drawings, as will Carlos Ruiz, a Missouri-based designer responsible for a comic book series called “Pretentious Record Store Guy.” So, there you go. One month from today, you’re going to have tons of really cools things to go see.