Tony Snubbee Princess Leia Writes Force-ful Blog Post About Not Getting Nominated

05/05/2010 2:44 PM |

Carrie Fisher in Wishful Drinking on Broadway

  • “You guys, seriously, where’s my fucking Tony?!”

I’d never read Carrie Fisher’s official blog before today, but given her hilarious rant yesterday about not being nominated for a Tony (on Star Wars Day, of all days!) for her solo show Wishful Drinking, I might subscribe. Aside from her excessive use of ellipses and emdashes—as in, not only very often, but also using five times too many each time, so “———” and “…………..”—it’s very, very funny. Princess Leia begins thusly:

the thing is……….one of several……….is….even though my performance——my incredibly layered performance———of “Carrie Fisher” in the show, “Wishful Drinking” was overlooked by the Tony Commission of the United States of Live Action Theater in Manhattan……..I find myself almost effortlessly able to maintain a brave front (on top of my redonkulously large 34 LL boozum)……..

The rest is an outrageous stream-of-consciousness mini-autobiography about her performance of this familiar other “Carrie Fisher.” Nice to know that the Tony snubbing didn’t turn her to the dark side. (Playblog)