TrustoCorp Makes Debt Memorial in Most Mall-Like Section of Soho

05/27/2010 1:02 PM |

Trustocorp debt memorial in Soho

Remember when we told you that Soho was getting good again? Here’s further proof that it’s not all touristy big box madness down there, or rather, that the touristy big box madness is self-destructing: those street art pranksters TrustoCorp were in the area overnight, and just posted pictures of their latest installation at the corner of Prince and Broadway to their Facebook page, a memorial to a fictional woman’s credit card debt (pictured). The text on the sign above the ghost bike-styled shopping cart, since the pic isn’t great, reads: “R.I.D., Anita B. Frank, who maxed out her last credit card on this corner. You will be in our thoughts. Rest in Debt.” Don’t feed the beast, feed the hipsters.