Bay Ridge Facebook Group To Call Out Illegals-Hiring Businesses

06/30/2010 11:32 AM |

Duh sezzames stingk!

  • Duh sezzames stingk!

A new Facebook group‘s name doesn’t quite explain itself; at first, I thought “Bay Ridge Business’s that employ Undocumented & Illegal Immigrants” might be a bulletin board undocumented workers could use to find out who’s hiring. Alas, its mission statement is “to expose the business’s in Bay ridge who hire and employ Undocumented & Illegal Immigrants.”

Furthermore, “This group allows U.S. citizens”—but not illegal immigrants!!—”to see the business’s who employ Undocumented & Illegal Immigrants in Bay Ridge and allows them to decide if they would like to spend they’re money at these establishments with the knowledge that these business’s are breaking American Tax & Labor laws and being overall unpatriotic.”

That’s not as bad as it might sound.

I mean, sure, it’s sort of hard to figure out how the group’s 63 members and counting—one’s name is “Murad B-Nazi”; another uses as his profile picture the American flag with the Yankees logo replacing the stars—are going to determine whose employees are without documentation; any place with Hispanics working in the kitchen?

But I’m not sure it’s all bad. For starters, let’s hear it for laws! Isn’t it nice to see the right—ordinarily, we associate those anxious about undocumented immigrants with the right—worried here about obeying labor laws? And tax laws?!? But even more important, it’s about time Americans stopped blaming immigrants. If you don’t want people without papers to work here, blame the business’s that hire them, the greedy owners looking to exploit human beings to increase their profits—the same way we go after johns over sex workers—and stop picking on the guy trying to make a better life for his family.

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  • thats me in the thumbs down picture. i do not spend a nickel at “bake ridge bagels” or any place else i suspect hires and exploits illegal immigrants…and neither should you!

  • u make a lot of assumptions in this article. for starters, Murad B. Nazi is the guys real name. His last name happens to be Nazi. 2nd, there is nothing “political” about this group whatsoever. We do not align or label ourselves with the “right” or the bleeding heart liberals dying to give this country away, like yourself. These are just ordinary American citizens who are sickened that our neighborhood has been overrun and flooded by illegal aliens and even more sickened by the so callled “mom and pop” biz’s that employ and exploit them. We have NO PROBLEM with “hispanics” IF they are here LEGALLY. OR Arabs, or Russians, or Chinese etc. Get your facts straight, Stewart. This is about jobs and obeying laws of the land. Im sure they can find anybody in a Home Depot parking lot who can write a more honest and unbiased article about the group….and pay him 1/3 of what u get.

  • Lol, Stewart thought that “Nazi” was a term invented by the German’s. LOLOLOLOLZZZ
    That’s funny. It’s a Middle Eastern name that goes back hundreds, if not a thousand years. It has many variations of spelling, including Nazy, Nazii and other. So, Stewart….do you hate Middle Easterners so much that you are willing to try to out one as a racist? It’s also great that you assume all illegals are “hispanic” how very “profiling” of you.

  • Hey Stewart, r u making fun of my German Heritage with you picture caption? Is that suppose to be some half-arsed attempt at a German accent? Would it be equally acceptable if u were to make fun of a chinese english accent? or a hispanic?

  • Whats with this nonsense? I had it with you criticizing immigrants and whoever is against these poor immigrants sickennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn meeeeeeeee! You allll are immigrants and if not you your father was and if not your father your grandfather was so quit the nonsense and if you demand they go somewhere else then maybe you should leave too!!!! America is built on diversity, set yourself straight!! Without these human beings trying to make a living you wouldn’t be making a living either because who else with citizenship is going to work these jobs?! and if you care for these undocumented immigrants and feel pity for them and want the business owners to suffer then maybe you should consider signing a petition for these hardworkers to riseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! QUITTT BEING SELFISH BECAUSE HOW ELSE ARE THESE PEOPLE GONNA BE ABLE TO MAKE A LIVING AND MAINTAIN A HOUSEHOLD WITHOUT THE DOCUMENTS YOU WERE PRIVILEGED WITH EVEN THOUGH THEY SHOULD HAVE THE SAME CHANCE AS EVERYONE ELSE! Especially if they show that much effort to strive in this country and probably adjust better in this country than anyone else!

  • I just took a sh!t !

  • I just took a. Sh!t !