Behind the Scenes at Northside Headquarters

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06/24/2010 8:54 AM |

Check out this picture of L Mag intern Robert Tumas and his lovely fiancee Candice, looking so happy to be spending the week before their wedding constructing the innards of the Heineken Lounge at Northside Headquarters. They’re taking in the lovely smells of Heineken, Pirate’s booty, and Sex and the City 2 promotional candle sets (yes, available in badgeholder giftbags). All this (including Robert) and more can be found at the Heineken Lounge at Northside Headquarters on 118 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. Stop by today to buy a badge, pick up a badge, or just give us a hug. Hours are:

Thurs: 12-10
Fri: 12-10
Sat: 12-10
Sun: 12-7

Bring us a watermelon or something, we’re a bit dehydrated from all the Heinies.