Bet You’re Wondering Where to Pick Up Your Northside Badge

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06/22/2010 3:07 PM |

Northside is only one day away and we here at The L are pumped. PUMPED. But before the heavenly bells of indie rock ring out at the crack of noon on Thursday and the music begins, you’ve got to get acquainted with a few Northside facts, and get pumped yourself.

You can pick up your festival badges at The Heineken Lounge at Northside Headquarters on 118 Bedford Avenue between N 12th and N 11th Streets. Headquarters will be your spot to get festival info, pick up festival guides, and to come and bother us if you need directions to the Barge Park (its at the end of Franklin, for the last time!).

Here are the hours that James Franco will be there to personally answer questions and hand out badges (kidding! or are we?):

Thursday (6/24) 12pm-10pm
Friday (6/25) 12pm-10pm
Saturday (6/26) 12pm-10pm
Sunday (6/27) 12pm-7pm

UPDATES on NORTHSIDE: If you aren’t totally e-challenged you can get updates from us at the festival all weekend long on Twitter. And remember, the reason Twitter is cool (the only reason) is because it works both ways and we want to hear what you think – if you tweet about the festival, use the hashtag #northsidefestival so we can follow your coverage.

BONUS!!: We’re also offering a Foursquare badge that “users” can “earn” by checking into 3 or more official Northside venues, including concert spaces, art galleries and bars and restaurants that have specials for festival badge-holders. So what does that mean exactly? I have no idea, but they tell me the people who know, will know, and will just leave it at that, deal?

Good luck out there and happy concert hunting!