Birdsong’s Poetry and Prose Contest Wants Your Writing

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06/09/2010 2:04 PM |


With Literary Upstart no longer accepting submissions for the year—but still serving up short fiction and cheap beer, join us tomorrow night at Spike Hill—you’re almost certainly wondering if there are any other fine upstanding local publications holding writing contests in which you might vie for a cash prize and a slot at a popular live reading series.

Well, yes, there is. Our friends at Birdsong, Brooklyn’s Best Tiny Little Zine from an Arts Collective, are proud to announce their Winter 2010 Poetry + Prose Contest.

Through October 1 of this year, submit up to three pages of poetry, or 1,500 words of prose, for the chance to win $50, publication in their winter issue, and a spot at the issue’s release reading. They’d love to hear from you, and we promise you’d love to be in their company—just check out some of the back issues if you don’t believe me.