Capraesque Miracles: Chase Bank Stops Bankrolling Mountaintop Removal

06/02/2010 8:44 AM |

Hey, chalk one up for the good guys. After tireless efforts by thousands of passionate activists, from the Rainforest Action Network to Alliance for Appalachia, Chase Bank officials agreed at their annual stockholders meeting to stop underwriting big, evil Massey Energy and its horrifying destruction of West Virgina mountains (just to get at the delicious, gooey coal inside).

Not the least of the efforts to bring attention to Chase’s dirty money, were those of the Reverend Billy and his anti-evil, anti-dickhead superhero friends. One of those superheroes recently went in and secretly filmed a “disinvestment” from Chase Bank (the closing of an account on ethical grounds). This video is pretty great, not least because of the thoughtfulness and humanity displayed by the low-level Chase employees when confronted with the evil of their employer.

So whenever anyone tells you, “you can’t make a difference,” punch em in the snoot.