Greenpoint Food Market Under Threat: (We Are All Libertarians Now)

06/11/2010 4:02 PM |


Bah. The Greenpoint Food Market is great: a charming, DIY assembly of wonderful foodmakers pouring their hearts into delicious gourmet food for you and I to eat. It’s a perfect example of that classic American entrepreneurial spirit that leads to the creation of quality things (that make our lives better!).

So obviously, the city is trying to wreck it by insisting that everyone involved get licensed through the use of a commercial kitchen which, as organizer Joann Kim tells the Brooklyn Paper, kind of defeats the purpose:

These are not people trying to open a store or a café or launch a large company. Trying to find a commercial kitchen to pay and work with them doesn’t make sense for them financially. For my vendors, the market is an incubator.

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