How to Stalk Jeff Klingman at Northside

06/25/2010 3:05 PM |

SIc Alps

  • Sic Alps, tonight at Music Hall.

With a full full weekend of music ahead of us, even a bit of on-the-fly planning is in order. Below is a tentative sketch for my weekend whereabouts. Should our plans fortuitously dovetail, be sure to say hello to the dude who looks amazingly overheated!

As always, and even with festivals as geographically contained as Northside, the limits of max human walk speed might complicate my preferred Friday program. So, here’s hoping that nouveaux goths Minks hit the Union Pool stage early enough for me to then motor straight past Bedford to catch San Francisco’s ferociously ramshackle Sic Alps at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. As the rest of the Woodsist’s mini-fest at the Music Hall is pretty ace, cooling ones heels there is perfectly appropriate. I might, however, indulge my overscheduling masochism by catching The Fiery Furnaces‘ shenanigans a few blocks north at the Brooklyn Bowl. While there’s too much going on to knowingly plan on seeing any band twice, I will note that Dom plays again at Public Assembly at a quarter to 2 in the A.M., in case you’re shut out of their set tonight.

On Saturday afternoon it’s going to be tough to pull anyone away from Newtown Barge Park, for Titus Andronicus and Male Bonding, respective makers of two of this year’s most convicted rock albums, plus Cults, whose fab “Go Outside” single is perfecto for a June afternoon. As for the evening, I’ll admit I’ve got a vested interest in the L Magazine Presents… show going down at The Knitting Factory, which was curated by, uh, me.

The early show showcases a few of the best synth bands in town, starting with itchy post-punks Psychobuildings at 8. From there it’s Violens at 9, whose members have been minimal synth OGs since their days as Lansing-Dreiden, and now specialize in well-textured, dark pop, which includes haunting odes to J. Bieber. At 10, Elizabeth Harper, THE local pop diva of note, takes stage with Class Actress, hopefully to tantalize us with material from a forthcoming full-length.

Later at the Knit, for fans of adorably raucous indie-pop and fun in general, there’s a late night double bill of Philly’s kind-of-perfect duo Reading Rainbow, followed by the awesome imperfection of Queens’ The Beets (doors re-open for this 5 buck late show at midnight). In between, DJ Jed Smith, whose band My Teenage Stride I’ll note in a second, will be selecting dozens of cult-pop hits that you’ll desperately want to go ask him the name of. Good times uber alles!

After that Saturday marathon, pencilling in a personal late start is probably wise, though there are plenty of day shows for those with more responsible life styles. My final day’s real quandary is whether to hit an 11 PM set by My Teenage Stride at the Cameo Gallery, or see their ex-member Jenny Logan do her own thing with Ribbons up the street at Public Assembly, in what’s billed as that band’s last NYC show before splitting town. As they are both among the most under-appreciated groups the borough has to offer, an angel gets its wings if you hit either, really.