In Times of Major yet Specified Crisis The Average Citizen Is Powerless to Anything but Spend Money

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06/15/2010 12:32 PM |

But rather than tell the American people to shop, what I would have done is to say, now is the time for us to meet some great challenges… We’re going to have a bold energy plan that says that we are going to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 20 or 30 percent over the course of a decade or two. We are going to ask all citizens to participate in that process, not just government, but each and every one of us are going to have — are going to make commitments in terms of increasing fuel efficiency in our cars and homes, and the government is going to be in partnership with citizens to make that happen.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama on Bush’s response to 9/11

There’s still a lot of opportunity for visitors to come down here. There are a lot of beaches that have not been affected and will not be affected. If people want to help, the best way to help is to come down here and visit.

President Obama on the Gulf Oil spill

(Possibly related story about the feelings of powerlessness inherent in curbing an unprecedented ecological disaster much of which still falls under the responsibility of the private sector.)