Is Lady Gaga Losing the War in Afghanistan?

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06/22/2010 1:32 PM |


Much as in the documentary film Almost Famous, General Stanley McChrystal is in trouble for having basically an entire month of “is this thing on?” live-mic gaffes with a Rolling Stone reporter. And, as Conklin revealed in a very roundabout way yesterday, he barely even got cover-cut.

You’d think that the commander of the war in Afghanistan giving national security hawks all sorts of the-military-doesn’t-respect-Obama talking points in the middle of an election cycle would be bigger news than Lady Gaga’s ass cheeks, wouldn’t you? No? Ok, point taken.

But… What if “Why he’s losing the war” refers to the fact that we’re still sending our troops out there with insufficient armor? With nothing but thongs and their own weaponry protecting them from the Taliban, it’s no wonder the country’s still such a mess.