Is Soho’s Mysterious New Gallery “The Hole” Kathy Grayson’s Deitch Projects Sequel?

06/24/2010 10:25 AM |

The Hole is the new Deitch Projects

A few months ago, amidst all the hubbub of Deitch Projects closing once half-popular, half-hated, fully populist founder Jeffrey Deitch took up his new museum job in L.A., I wrote about his second-in-command, Deitch director Kathy Grayson’s plans to take some of the artists to her new as yet unnamed and space-less Soho gallery. Well, yesterday evening I received an inaugural press release from a soon-to-open gallery at 104 Greene Street known as The Hole, with a slick logo (pictured), Deitch Projects-like font treatment, and a cheeky message about trying to start a gallery and gather a bunch of artists for a summer group show following Jeffrey Deitch’s departure. This sounds about right, don’t you think?

The Hole is pleased to present Not Quite Open for Business, a conceptual group show of unfinished art, unfinished poems, and unfinished symphonies. The installation is designed by Taylor McKimens and the show includes over twenty artists from our community. What does a “finished” piece mean anyway? Come tell us no, no, no we are doing it all wrong it needs more yellow on June 26 when we have to open the doors, ready or not.

BLARG opening a gallery immediately on the heels of Deitch Projects closing has been a struggle. Jeffrey leaving suddenly to be the director of the LA MOCA, us not knowing what to do with ourselves after eight years here, scrambling to figure out who would be on our team, trying to wrangle artists, looking for a space, investors, a name, a logo. We were going to open two shows June 26th but our corporate sponsor pulled out at the last second on the big expensive exhibition. We scrambled to find a different source for the 80K and FOUND IT only to have, two days later, the space for the show revoked. No way around that one; we threw in the towel.

So… see you at Kathy Grayson’s Deitch Projects 2.0, The Hole, in Soho on Saturday for the opening of Not Quite Open for Business from 6-9pm? Figures the post-Deitch re-launch would have to happen during Northside.