Jenny and Johnny Have a Good Press Photo and a New Single

06/22/2010 1:00 PM |


Jenny and Johnny, the new band featuring Ms. Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley, The Golden Girls) and her boyfriend Jonathan Rice, are getting set to release their debut full-length, I’m Having Fun, later in the summer. For now, though, we get (in exchange for an email address) the first single, “Scissor Runner.” It’s a perfectly enjoyable slice of boy-girl power-pop, an entire album of which would be a-ok with me. They’re opening for Pacement at the Waterfront show on September 19th, so maybe you’ll see them then?

One Comment

  • I like the song and will surely buy the record, but I’m a little bummed that J-Lew has settled for this dude (creatively, I mean; it’s not my place to say whether she could do better romantically, and to my recollection they’ve been together a long time at this point). He doesn’t have a bad voice, and he’s cowritten some decent songs with her, but everything about him basically seems like a poor man’s version of M. Ward, or Conor Oberst, or, most distictly, Blake from Rilo Kiley. Lewis obviously likes collaborations, with Rilo and the Watson Twins and Elvis Costello and now Rice… so it’s bizarre to me that she seems so disinterested in writing music with Blake, who is just a better musician and songwriter than this guy. And I say this as someone who liked Acid Tongue more than most people seemed to.

    Still, the song sounds like an old Lemonheads cut, so that’s pretty cool.