L Magazine World Cup Radio: Farewell to the Old Powers

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06/29/2010 1:16 PM |

Welcome to the latest installment of The L’s World Cup podcast (previously here and here), in which authentic foreign football fans Derek Keogh and Tom Buckley bid farewell to the catastrophic French, the cynical Italians, the bland Eastern Bloc, and the shambolic English, while looking ahead to the bright lights of the knockout stages. Jokes about overpaid footballers, German military history and bad officiating most definitely ensue.

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  • for the Irish dudes: Here is “It’s the world cup, bro, we had a chance!” video that is a must see: http://www.ny1.com/content/top_stories/121…

    also on NY Times they had a good link: in the stands vid of THE GOAL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y58uEHWLXxg

    You know why it sucks for USA fans: in Europe people are already gearing up for Euro qualifiers and their leagues, in USA you have basically no competitive Int. matches for 2 and a half years and a weak league.

    Anyway, my picks are Ghana Germany, Brazil, Spain. No one wants Argentina, esp my Mexican friends. Latin America Hates The Argies. That’s the truth.

  • hey guys good show again as per usual Germans are looking pretty strong now and i dunno if they can be stopped but the semi are looking good now but i feel for Ghana and Gyan man thats what pressure was all abiut but England, Italy france Mexico all on the way home to be honest England didnt look like they wanted it but i suppose thats what happens when you put 32 over-paid guys with massive ego’s in to one room together it was never going to be pretty but hey here lookling to hopefully some good semi’s, see you nest week guys