La Captive: Proust for the People

06/29/2010 2:59 PM |


Tonight, the French Institute Alliance Francaise concludes their tribute to the actress Sylvie Testud with a screening of Chantal Akerman’s free adaptation of The Captive, the fifth volume of Remembrance of Things Past. In the current print edition of the L, Nicolas Rapold had this to say.

Lost in those first heady postmillennial days was this superb, transfixing take on Proustean drift, temporal, sensual, sexual. It screens tonight as part of FIAF’s series for Sylvie Testud, whose seemingly shifting features and subliminal currents of emotion are on display. Gorgeously streamlined and fluid compared to Raoul Ruiz’s magic-lantern show, Time Regained, one year earlier and perhaps too fresh in critics’ minds, it’s shot by Manoel de Oliveira’s DP Sabine Lancelin. Akerman herself has expressed regret that the film did not receive American distribution, which makes little sense for one of the decade’s top films, so let’s make it up to her.